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What is unsalted shampoo?

Unsalted shampoo is called shampoos that do not contain salt and sulfate. Recently, with the growing demand for organic hair care products, unsalted shampoos have also come to plan. It is said that unsalted shampoo moisturizes the hair better and takes care of the scalp. …


3 Special Treatments For Healthy Hair In The Fall

As long as our hair is not groomed, neither perfect makeup nor flawless skin can complement our appearance. Factors such as sun, chlorine, salt water and air conditioning, especially after the summer season, make our hair look more dull, dry, worn and careless. With the most popular products of the season, you can meet all the needs of your hair; you can reach healthy, well-groomed and beautiful-looking hair in all conditions in the fastest way.


Tips For Dyeing Hair At Home

Due to the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are at home and do not go out unless we have to, and you can roll up your sleeves to enjoy the time spent at home as well as to make yourself feel better. There are three basic points to watch out for!