Make circular movements with DOT strokes when touching your skin. Use a light, radiant base. With a spongy liquid foundation such as Sisley Phyto-Teint Ultra Eclat, you can give your skin the moisture it needs. If you have dark circles, you can add vitality to your gaze with the help of concealer. You can get a healthy look with a pink blush. Also, don’t forget to use illuminators to make your face look more vivid.


You can apply eyeliner to your eyes with soft movements. Apply the mascara slowly, not as you apply it when you are catching up somewhere in the morning. It’s a moment when you focus on what you need to do during the day. So, is your goal to look strong? Then you need a nice eye makeup. First, with Glossier Pro Type Eyeliner, you can easily apply the desired thickness and strong eyeliner. In addition, it is important to lengthen and intensify your eyelashes.


We see it all the time on Instagram; unnatural extra-plump lips, sharp and intense eye makeup, over-applied illuminating and contour… Although this will never end with the help of current filters, smooth skin is always popular. Unfortunately, this uniform appearance undermines diversity and individuality in beauty. The desire to imitate celebrities and influencers wrongly shapes the perception of perfection. Instead, try drawing your own path and enjoy creating your unique style.

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