1-Christmas Trees

In addition to classic tree models for pine trees, which are a must for the Christmas theme, you can also use wooden tree decor or different lighting-oriented modern options in your home.

2- Lighting

You have a decor that does not tire your eyes at all, with various lighting types, you can provide long-term use, not only at Christmas time. You can change the mood of your home with the help of snowflake-shaped LED lights.

3- Decor

With decorative objects such as candles, candlesticks, covers, pillows and snow globes, you can spread the Christmas weather to the entire environment. If your request is much more than the usual decoration, you can also use various wall decorations. In addition, you can also create different decors with the help of artificial or dry flowers.

4- Dinner Table

You can choose glittering details on the tableware covers, which are never an indispensable part of the Christmas table. You can decorate your red or Yesil color covers with candles in various colors and designs. With many different details, you can carry differences to your table. You can also make your food fun with the help of Christmas themed glasses and plates.

5- Candles

A romantic or fun concept no matter which one you prefer, you should always include candles in various models on your table or in your celebration area. It will change the ambience with its pleasant smells and light.

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