Series / film platform membership

During the pandemic, our greatest shallowness was series and films. So much so that production continued and production companies began selling films to streaming platforms with cinemas closed. You can also gift your member sales alarms from these platforms, which are well valued in this process. You can rate Netflix, Amazon Prime, BEIN CONNECT, Mubi, Filmbox and more.

Bookstore gift cards

Watching and reading things… These were the redeeming events of the process. For your loved ones to spend the time left over from series and movies, you can gift virtual gift cards from their websites. So they can read by buying the book they want, as much as the budget of the card you gift.


We don’t think your loved ones will say no to a headset that will allow them to enjoy the music they listen to extra.

Pyjama Set

Among the risk-free suggestions is the gift of a pyjama set or dressing gown she can wear while sleeping peacefully in her bed.

Spiritual Sets

You can gift spiritual sets for the person you love to enter 2021 with beautiful energies. They can use these sets during yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Or you can also create your own box with products such as incense, candle, sage bunch, palo santo, natural crystals, water waterfall, incense bowl that you will get from different places.

Notebook or Diary

How about a small contribution to the creativity of your loved ones? Get a notebook with stylish and elegant design. It’s entirely up to the person you’re giving it to to use it as a diary or turn it into a literary work!

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