Unsalted shampoo is called shampoos that do not contain salt and sulfate. Recently, with the growing demand for organic hair care products, unsalted shampoos have also come to plan. It is said that unsalted shampoo moisturizes the hair better and takes care of the scalp.

What does unsalted shampoo do?

The main feature of salt-free shampoo is that it cleanses the hair naturally and helps the hair look more voluminous. Salt-free shampoos usually appear without sulfate. Shampoos that do not contain sulfate also prevent hair from appearing dimmer, while making hair fuller. The benefits of unsalted shampoo include moisturizing the hair and making the hair look brighter. By using salt, sulfate and paraben-free hair, you can ensure that your hair reaches its natural volume.

Harms of unsalted shampoo

At the beginning of the damage of unsalted shampoo comes the risk of disturbing the pH balance of the scalp. As we also learn from those who use salt-free shampoo, let’s also remind you that it is not suitable for dyed hair!

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