Jean Pants

Pants are indispensable for a minimal woman. Especially jean pants. Combine Basic T-shirts, blouses and sweaters with pants as you wish.

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One Color Dress

In dresses, we recommend that you choose models without patterns, one color. Especially draped descending, plentiful models are for you.

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Minimal Suits

Minimal teams are also parts that you can try. Complete fabric skirts, shorts or pants with jackets.

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Flare Trotters, leg wide, classic style pants can also be preferred.



The most important point in the shoes you will choose in a Minimal style is that they are timeless. At the beginning of our winter shoe recommendations for this is a black boot with a flat bottom. You can also give long boots a chance.Examples of comfortable shoes suitable for seasonal daily use are definitely loafers. Another lifesaving piece, of course, is the white sneakers. It’s a fact that almost everyone, not just those in minimal style, is the Savior part of their closet. The shoes that you can easily choose in summer are definitely flat sandals. Especially models consisting of thin ropes will add a Hellenistic air to your style.

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A brown or black bag is enough!



The favorite outerwear of women who adopt Minimal style in winter is definitely outerwear. A cream, white, black or grey coat will keep you warm in style during the winter months. In spring and transition seasons, a trench coat is a must!

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Low-Cut Clothing


Beach Wear

We also recommend that you choose your minimal swimsuits and bikinis in solid colors. In beach wear, summer oversize shirts will reflect your beachside style.

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Home Wear

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