Dress + Top

This trend, which also allows you to wear summer dresses during the winter months, is one of the most popular styles of past years. T-shirts and blouses are also great for combining with dresses!

Pleated skirt

Let’s come to this combination that fascinates us all! You know, pleated skirts are one of the most popular pieces of recent years.

Miniskirt + Boots

A black sleeveless blouse over a white T-shirt, a black miniskirt and some pretty attractive long boots!

Black shirt + Black skirt

Combining black crop tops with black high-waisted skirts remains popular today.

See-Through Top

With this combination, Rachel’s shiny tulle clothes are on the rise and maintain this popularity even today.

Wearing a jacket in row

Wearing a jacket on top is a great way to both not get cold and not compromise your style.

Comfortable-Cool Clothing

For a few years, sweatpants have been very popular. I love Rachel’s style.

Denim Overalls

Trends come and go, but timeless pieces are always wearable! Along with Rachel, timeless salopets, far from period trends, were also on the rise.


These elegant combinations of Rachel changed the way we all look at animal patterns.

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