Hosk, who began modeling at the age of 13, said it was quite difficult to cope with both adolescence and the intense pace of work separately.

“I was using everything,” said Hosk, who said the alcohol and drugs he started using to escape him became an addiction. I think it was all that could help me escape myself. I was trying to avoid what I was. And the life I had… Although it wasn’t a bad life, I just wanted the feeling of being lost.”

Hosk’s release of his addictions was a tragic event. “I moved to New York when I was 20. By then, I had been drinking for 2 years. Then I went to L. A. on a job and I overdosed. In the next scene, I ended up in the hospital. Then I went into rehab. But in a situation like this, a person becomes incredibly manipulative. Because you don’t really know who you are. That’s why I think it’s important to talk about it. When you are an alcoholic or have been abused, you need to hear that there is a way out. So it’s possible to escape.”

Elsa Hosk describes the overdose as follows: “I think it was cocaine. I remember my warning at the hospital. I remember working on the beach and then being tied to a bunch of tubes; my eyes opened in the hospital. Memories are so blurry. And the crazy thing is, I’m thinking again; at the time, I was thinking like this. ‘I’m not the one with the problem, everyone has a problem.’And I think it’s been normal, it takes a while for you to understand your abuse and that it’s not normal to live with drugs and alcohol every day.”

Elsa Hosk has been on a healthy lifestyle transition. “It definitely happened at the end of those situations and it took some time. I was forced to get to know myself again; I had to be really good with the person I was sober with without everything that had made me comfortable before.The part about learning to know myself was very interesting.”

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