What is porcelain makeup? Porcelain makeup is a makeup style that you can do at home with the right makeup products, making your skin smoother and flawless. For those who usually want to hide skin problems such as acne, acne scars, blemishes, pores and roughness, you can use porcelain makeup, which is often used in bridal makeup, when you are taking photos or at special invitations.

How To Make Porcelain Makeup?

Prepare your skin for porcelain makeup

For a skin like porcelain, don’t forget to prepare your skin first! Among the necessary ingredients for porcelain makeup should be peeling, which you should use to make your skin look smooth. First, deep clean your skin. In this way, your skin will look brighter and brighter throughout the day.

The right porcelain Foundation

We recommend that you use skin products with high persistence in porcelain skin makeup. Especially if porcelain makeup is made for the bride, you should definitely include products that you have used and trusted before. This foundation, which also does not compromise the natural appearance of the skin, is also resistant to water, sweat and contamination, while providing a high concealment even on a single floor. After you apply the foundation, you can use the concealer to close your eyes. You should apply your blush slightly upwards, starting with the cheekbones.

How To Make Porcelain Makeup With Eyes In The Foreground?

If you’re going to prefer a style that brings your eyes to the fore in porcelain skin makeup, applying headlights to your eyelids can keep your eye makeup steady.

How To Make Porcelain Makeup With Lips In The Foreground?

You should definitely complete your porcelain single make-up with matte lipstick. Matte lipstick will support the smoothness of porcelain skin makeup. Choose from your lipsticks in colors that match your outfit and style and enjoy ultra-permanent matte lipstick!

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