High concealing skin make-up

Dua Lipa uses foundation with high concealment in her skin make-up. Dua Lipa’s makeup doesn’t deteriorate until late, and there’s no oil on her foundation. This is the ingenuity of YSL Beauty All Hours Foundation!

Lasting up to 24 Hours, All Hours Foundation hides skin defects and helps the skin look more perfect. Although it is permanent for so long, it does not prevent the skin from breathing and does not block its pores. The first time you apply the foundation, you can see the effect for 24 hours.

Dua Lipa’s concealer: the iconic YSL Touché Eclat Concealer

The secret of Dua Lipa’s luminous appearance

The secret to Dua Lipa’s nocturnal makeup looking so natural and vibrant is hidden in the Illuminator she uses. Dua Lipa, who uses the YSL Touché Eclat Shimmer Stick illuminator for the rich and intense glow in her skin, always manages to look fresh and alive.

You can also use the YSL Touché Eclat Shimmer Stick illuminator to brighten your skin quickly while doing night makeup and maintain this effect throughout the day. Thanks to the stick form of the YSL illuminator, it is possible to drive the Illuminator without using a brush for minutes.

Dua Lipa’s iconic eye makeup

We like Dua Lipa’s style, which is dark, ambitious and always attractive eye makeup. When we investigated the products Dua Lipa used in eye makeup, we came across Yves Saint Laurent Sequin Crush Eyeshadows. You can do Dua Lipa’s metallic eye makeup using Explosive Brown and Louder Blue.

We recommend YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical mascara for Dua Lipa’s voluminous lashes that reveal eye makeup. Thanks to its dense consistency, we like this mascara, which gives lashes volume and flexibility. The content of this mascara, Pro-Vitamin B5, makes the eyelashes more flexible with a natural swelling effect. We have solved the secret of Dua Lipa’s long and curled eyelashes!

Dua Lipa’s lipsticks

The lipstick color that Dua Lipa is most commonly used in night makeup is red. So we searched for her favorite red matte lipstick. YSL Beauty Rouge PUR couture slim Mat 21 Rouge Paradoxe.

If you believe in the power of dark eye makeup and red lipstick, you can also try this makeup inspired by Dua Lipa’s night makeup.

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