Get inspired by the most beautiful women of all time

Getting inspired by the clothing and makeup styles of the most beautiful women of all time is the first step to becoming an icon. For example, when we say Marlin Monroe, we think of white dresses.He was always capable of using the noble and stylish side of white. And always trust your white parts.


Dot your style with the jewelry you wear. You can take a big step towards becoming an icon with timeless pieces to fit your every outfit.

Make room for timeless pieces in your wardrobe

Every season you are waiting for fashion shows with excitement, you can follow the trends closely. But remember, if you want to be a real icon, you should fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces, not clothes that will go out of fashion next season.

Color Harmony

There is only one principle you need to acquire to harmonize your clothes or everything else; to harmonize colors. First of all, learn how to use the color circle most accurately and adapt the most appropriate color matching methods to your style.

Do not neglect your care

If you want to be an icon with your style, you must also pay attention to your personal care. You can blow everyone’s mind with your smooth skin, flawless hair and attractive smell. For this, you can make an iconic perfume your signature fragrance, as well as make-up and hair to suit your style. Perhaps you can also consider turning to woody scents in winter, while using a more floral scent in summer.

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