We have a story and characters based on author Nancy Springer’s “the Enola Holmes Mysteries” series. So you’ll probably be deceiving the characters in the first place.

Fortunately, they voted for the duo of Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin in the choice of characters in the film, because it was precisely the casting choice that endeared these characters. Personally, we also loved Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes, who added a different energy and sparkle to the role.

And Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Eudoria Holmes, who we have not a word to say for her. Let’s open a bracket for our young nobleman, Louis Partridge. He’s certainly a delightful face to watch on screen. Their harmony with Enola creates a very pleasant atmosphere in the film. If the sequel comes, it will give us pleasure to watch this duo.

Actually, when everything is going well, at least according to Enola, when Eudoria suddenly disappears, everything gets complicated. Since Enola is only 16 years old, she comes under the protection of her older brother Mycroft, who has not seen her for years.

Sherlock, his idol, is not willing to take responsibility for him, and the only option remains to find his mother. Enola is as sharp as Sherlock and as curious. So he’s rolling up his sleeves to get his mother back. Anyway, Eudoria leaves him some passwords, and all that needs to be done is make his way to London…

Tewksbury is a young man who has come back from the brink of death and realized how empty and meaningless his life is and has run away from his family and responsibilities to find his life purpose and hit the road. A little naive and vulnerable, which inevitably evokes Enola’s protective instinct.

It’s hard to escape when our duo are trying to make their way to London, with a Sherlock-like detective and Mycroft insistent on doing what they say.

Frankly, we found the film enjoyable. Of course, the reason we enjoy it is because we don’t confuse it with other Sherlock series and movies. If you fall into this mistake, the movie may seem mediocre to you.

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