1-Start with a skin with simple and soft contours

One of the trends that caught our attention most at the fashion shows this season was the use of bronzer, which was lightly applied and distributed to strategic points of the face, rather than the application of sharp contours. To achieve this fresh and healthy skin look, first make sure to thoroughly clean and moisturize your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can take advantage of non-foaming facial cleansers. Your skin, which becomes more sensitive as the weather cools, will thank you for this! After that, you can use a moisturizer that deep moisturizes your skin and provides fullness to get a fresh and plump look. For this reason, moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid, one of the popular ingredients of the last period, will catch up with your help and make your skin look healthier and brighter than ever. You can complete our “no makeup-makeup” look with a tinted moisturizer or water-based foundation in a light cover that you will apply on it.

2-New era in eye makeup

In the eyes, next season we will see neither too bright nor too dull and dull eyes. Due to the combination of matte and metallic finished headlights, the eyes, which do not approach any end appearance too close, are easily ready for day and night use, declared their dominance. They are accompanied by romantic-looking, voluminous long lashes. Be sure to moisten your eyes thoroughly to prepare your eyes for this look, for which you can get support from eye creams with a glittering finish. In the same way as you use on your skin, an eye cream containing hyaluronic acid will make your eyes look smooth and rested until you slept for 9 hours the night before.

3-Not forget your lips

We may have ignored our lips because of the masks we’ve been wearing constantly for a few months, but as we’ve seen in the new season, lips are becoming the focus of makeup again. Lipsticks in dark burgundy or tile shades are all you need to take your simple skin and eye makeup to the next level! As every autumn, dark lipsticks will be indispensable for women who like an ambitious lip look this autumn. But what other makeup can give you the confidence that a perfect nude lipstick gives you? Nude lipsticks in dry shades of Earth and rose, one of the autumn lipstick trends of 2020, will also be our closest friends at our daytime or evening events in the few places where we can remove our mask.

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