Oversize creates a flawless look, especially in linen and silk fabrics. You can choose neutral colors such as white, cream, beige for this look that looks shabby and so elegant. Don’t forget to complete it with Gold accessories.

Especially in oversize shirts and blouses, leave two or three of your top buttons open. Attention will be drawn to the elegance of your neck and you will look much more feminine.


Place the one side of an oversize shirt that you wear on the Jean inwards from the waist of the jean. This tip will make you look much cooler.


Combine your Oversize sweatshirts with skirts in sports patterns.


Create a Parisian style by complementing the season’s trend with tight and knee-length shorts with Oversize sweaters and thin knitwear cardigans.


Do you think you’re lost in Oversize clothes? Maybe you look a lot fatter than you are? Don’t worry about it. Make your hair a tight ponytail or bun.


You can look much more stylish by using Oversize jackets in monochrome.


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