Boyfriend Jean

We can also call it the antithesis of skinny jean for boyfriend jean, which we can categorize as Straight Leg Drop, comfortable cut and curled rags.

If you want to capture confident elegance with this model, you can choose a classic basic T-shirt or gray knitwear. You can complete the evening with a blazer and sparkly heels.

victoria Beckham

Mom Jeans

It is characterized by high-waisted, comfortable legs at wrist level and thick denim.

You should opt for a polo neck blouse or white T-shirt. It is important that you insert the outfit you are wearing into you, so that you can make the necessary emphasis on waist height.


High Waist Wide Leg Jeans

In this new denim trend, trotters are at the forefront. It is a model born of as much cut and non-stretch denim as possible.

You can pair Jean with high-heeled boots. It is also useful to keep your jackets height short to maintain the balance of orientation.

White Jeans

You can keep up on the train by wearing a dark T-shirt and denim jacket to accentuate your pants. Or be white from head to toe.

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