The Game (1997)

Almost a control freak, Nicholas Van Orton’s regular life is completely changed by the birthday gift he receives. This gift is a game that is said to be the grand prize at the end. But this game soon turns into a battle of life and death.

IMDb: 7.8

The Prestige (2006)

19.set in London at the end of the century, the film is about two rival Wizards. Magician Robert Angier, his wife Julia McCullough and magician Alfred Borden are both friends and business partners. When Julia dies during a show, his wife blames Alfred for the death. From this point on, the rivalry between them turns into hostility.

IMDb: 8.5

Get Out (2017)

Get out, one of the most amazing films of the last period, won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Chris, a black teenager, goes to their house to meet the family of his lover Rose. He soon notices the awkwardness in the black people working in this wealthy House and is warned to leave. But it will not be easy to get rid of this invitation, which is becoming increasingly scary.

IMDb 7.7

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club, considered by the cinema world to be among the cult films, is a production filled with frames etched in memory. Insurance worker Jack, who has been suffering from ‘insomnia’ for a long time, joins therapy groups. At one of the sessions, he meets a girl named Marla. With Tyler Durden, who will soon become the turning point of his life… Durden, who is almost a deity for Jack, joins him in the ‘Fight Club’, a secret organization.

IMDb : 8.8

Gone Girl (2014)

As Nick and Amy are about to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their marriage, Amy suddenly disappears. Police have become suspicious of Nick in connection with the young woman’s disappearance. Trying to prove his innocence, Nick finds himself in the middle of a trap.

IMDb 8.8

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