The television series The Simpsons, which brings an entertaining look at suburban family life, has been a staple of pop culture for more than 30 years. This season, Vans is honoring The Simpsons with its collection of shoes, textiles and accessories that reflect iconic moments from the historic series.

The Vans x Simpsons collection celebrates The Simpsons family, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, with frames and references that fans will appreciate. Two of the important pieces in the collection are Sk8-Hi and Chukka Pro. All members of The Simpsons family find their place on the iconic checkerboard printed Sk8-Hi in familiar blue and yellow shades.

Lisa Fleece appears in a fleece top with purple, raglan sleeves and glossy “Lisa Simpson for President” lettering on the front and back. The accompanying Simpsons check backpack features a yellow-colored version of Vans ‘ iconic checkerboard print inspired by The Simpsons, a close-up portrait print of Lisa, and a rubber logo patch on the front zipper pocket. Lisa’s pieces are complemented by a matching hat and fanny pack with a” Lisa 4 Prez ” printed short-sleeved T-shirt.In menswear,

The Simpsons short-sleeved T-shirt has a logo on its chest, while the family portrait on its back offers a tribute to the show’s famous sofa photo.

The Chukka Pro for men is a homage to 10-year-old prankster Bart Simpson. On the sides of the shoe are crossed bone silhouettes with a BART-shaped skull. Bart’s jokes are featured in the collection with a Bart self-portrait in graffiti style signed “El Barto” over the red brick printed sides of the Sk8-Low style.

8 different styles of shoes are included in the collection as a tribute to the beloved Simpsons characters. The characters Moe and Bouviers find their place in the Old Skool style, while Scratchy appears in ERA. Lisa is featured in a lavender-coloured Sk8-Hi, while Mr. Plough rightly comes to life in the Sk8-Hi MTE style. The latest pieces of the shoe collection are the pink Slide-On sandals inspired by the famous Homer Simpson donuts and the slip-on Pro, which is very suitable for skateboarding…

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