In a recent article, Emily Ratajkowski explained that she was sexually assaulted by photographer Jonathan Leder in the early days of her career. The incident, which Ratajkowski describes as occurring at Leder’s home in the Catskills in 2012, begins with the announcement that he had to stay one night with the photographer and his family after his manager at the time booked him for a free editorial shoot.

Although he later found out that it was an underwear shoot, Leder, the photographer, wanted to pose nude for an extra. Adding that he accepted wine from Leder overnight to look mature, even though he was a minor at the time.

“I had been photographed naked several times before by male photographers. I felt like my body was a superpower,” she continues. “However, as soon as I dropped my clothes, a part of me disintegrated. As I climbed into my bed, I began to watch the situation … the next thing I remembered was being in the dark…”

“Everything that happened afterwards was blurred, except for the emotion I felt. I don’t remember kissing but I remember her fingers suddenly being inside me… and it really, really hurt,” she recounts. “I instinctively brought my hand to his wrist and forcibly removed his fingers from me. I didn’t say a word. He suddenly got up and ran quietly down the stairs into the darkness.”

A few years later, when Ratajkowski became famous for his appearance in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video, Leder released a book with the photos he took in 2012. But neither he nor his manager signed off on a publication that allowed him to.

“Reprinted once as’ bestseller Emily Ratajkowski’, even 3. I watched the frames being printed. At that time, I was alone in bed, navigating between incoming answers. The answers were rather relentless.”

Leder’s representative denies all charges. This is the girl who jumps around naked in a Robin Thicke video. You want someone to believe he’s a victim?”

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