Ponytail Braid Hairstyle

Your hair doesn’t need to be straight or wavy. Make a ponytail and knit your hair in your most natural state. For a cooler look, you can remove a few strands of hair from ear level.


Big Clasp

Voluminous buckles will be the most trending accessory this fall. Especially with these buckles, you can decorate your horse tails or half-assembled hair. Don’t forget to carry these accessories to your office style, which also creates a fairly romantic look.

Double Bun

Cut your hair in half right in the middle and secure it with a flush buckle, curling both sides in an auger shape. If you want to add a much more 90s vibe to your look, you can animate the front of your hair with small colored clip clips.


For this model, which you will apply to flat hair, you need a crown or hair band that matches your hair density. If you have bushy hair, you can use a thicker Crown.


Scattered Waves In Hair

If you want to leave your hair open, you should know that large and worked waves or carefully flattened hair will be in the background this fall. Create haphazard touches in your hair with a hair straightener. A reflection of effortless beauty, this model is a real savior.

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