The Cell

Jennifer Lopez embarks on a mind-boggling journey in this spectacular thriller. When serial killer Vincent D’onofrio falls into a coma before he can kill his latest victim, a child therapist must use an unusual method of treatment that is in the experimental stage, entering his mind. The brutal hunt that began in the killer’s mind now threatens his life as well.

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The Wedding Planner

Mary Fiore is the most recognized and most successful marriage organizer in San Francisco, the city where she lives. He knows all the secrets of planning a marriage better than anyone else and is able to present all the romantic peaks of the flow in a wonderful way in the ceremony. But one day something terrible happens to you. Mary Fiore falls in love with the groom, who will appear at the ceremony he organizes. In an instant, his personal life and his business life, which he divides into a separate corner, are intertwined. Mary will be looking for ways to get out of this in the most undamaged way.

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Maid In Manhattan

Marisa Ventura is a lonely woman who works as a maid in one of New York’s most famous hotels, trying to make a living for her son Ty. While Marisa and her co-worker Stephanie are cleaning a room, Stephanie convinces Marisa to wear the outfit of one of the clients. Meanwhile, his son Ty meets and befriends a politician who is staying at the hotel. They meet politician Christopher Marshall while Marisa looks quite remarkable in her new outfit. Marshall thinks the young woman is one of the hotel customers, and a shooting begins between them.

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J.Lo added his hard work routine for this film to his Youtube channel. Hustlers is the story of a former strip club employee who gets together to blackmail Wall Street clients. Jennifer Lopez gives life to the leader of the team.


Slim, a young mother on the run from an abusive husband, decides to educate herself on fighting. As he worries about his daughter’s safety, he suddenly discovers that there is actually only one way to get out of this marriage. And that’s killing her husband.

Shall We Dance?

Caught in the woman’s gaze one evening, John suddenly gets off the train and enters and registers for dance lessons. As the lessons continue, John falls in love with the dance. Keeping this new interest a secret from his family and colleagues, John begins to prepare for a competition, completely giving himself to lessons.

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