Baldwin, who says he has already grown up with a healthy eating awareness, says he cuts gluten and sugar if he is going to eat a strict diet.

Hailey Baldwin, who sticks to the 3-meal rule to ensure balance during the day, said: “breakfasts are usually with eggs, healthy protein, or smoothies. I finish lunch with a salad with fish and vegetables. Dinner is usually the same as lunch; maybe I eat extra gluten-free cake,” he says.

“I think drinking water really helps. I try to drink bottles of water during the day. I can’t remember how many bottles I drank, but drinking water is very important.”

Of course, there are days when he indulges himself. These days, he eats what he wants without limiting himself.

He says the secret to staying fit is pretty simple: “Staying Fit is all about balance. Of course, I often play sports; this is quite important to me.”

“If I still have time, I definitely add a dance session to my schedule, ” adds Baldwin, whose weekly schedule includes necessarily boxing and pilates. I’m always trying to maximize my own sports program.”

The Bosu ball is Baldwin’s must for balance and strength exercises.

Baldwin’s basic program, which he says he loves to do many exercises, is based on pilates, barre exercises and yoga. Especially Baldwin, who often uses the Bosu ball in his exercises, said: “it’s a great choice for balance exercises. Fitness experts say it’s a great tool to strengthen the brain and body connection.”he says.

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