Round Eyebrow Model For Square Face

You can balance the sharp line of your face with a rounded brow shape. The most important thing to pay attention to when giving your brow a round appearance is to maintain the thickness of your brows. All people who have a square face Line need to do is shape and scan the eyebrows upwards, maintaining the natural curve of the eyebrow. Otherwise, the eyebrow can’t show itself.

Blunt Eyebrow Model For Long Faces

Blunt models are extremely suitable for long faces. There are a few steps to follow to have a blunt brow that will bring your face to a more balanced appearance; make the head part of your brow prominent, keep the brow end a little further back from the outer corners of your eyes, and fill in the gaps with your brow product.

Angled Eyebrow Model For Round Faces

The most beautiful model for those with a non-angular bone structure is angled… angled eyebrows give you a perfect look, giving more clarity to your face shape.

Thin Eyebrow Model For Heart Face

In general, people with a heart facial line have a petite appearance. If your face is heart-shaped, it would be right to use your eyebrows a little thin. Don’t forget to fill in between your eyebrows, which you thin slightly.

Natural Angled Eyebrow Model For Oval Faces

Oval-shaped faces should use a naturally angled eyebrow model. If you have this facial line, we recommend using eyebrow mascara as a product. Eyebrow Mascara will scan your eyebrows up and ensure that your eyebrows do not fall down with the permanence it offers throughout the day.

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