Trench Coat

2020-2021 Autumn / Winter trenchcoats are as fashionable as ever. The designs of these brands, which add a modern air to their designs with their unique fabric and color selection, attract attention with long and sharp silhouettes with furry or sheep wool oversize collar detail.


White Chic

You may not like to wear white in winter. But you definitely have to give it a chance.

– Off-White


Sometimes, it may seem as if we are living in an age of minimalism and naturalism, or even a period when beige is dominant.But at the 2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Fashion Shows, judging by the rent-rent glow of the catwalks, maximalism is still not dead. And in some cases, if the best thing for a low mode is not to turn into a full disco ball, what else can it be?

Naeem Khan – Georges Hobeika

Oversized Coats

One of the featured silhouettes in jacket and coat trends of the 2020-2021 autumn/winter season is voluminous oversize designs.


The more imposing the fur we wear, the stronger we look? This may be debatable, but if we face freezing temperatures next winter, no one will be caught unprepared for winter thanks to these huge furs. Braids, sustainable furs and a new generation of artificial plush are among the models we will see in the new season, which gives the appearance of fur where designers showcase their creativity.

Sally LaPointe – Micheal Kors


A pattern that has long made the fashion world speak its native language in its designs. She has appeared on the catwalk in different silhouettes in collections of different designers.

Sonia Carrosco – Victoria Beckham

Sailor Style

Entering the new season with a new breath, these designs have in common navy blue, white color and Stripes. Although keeping up with this train may seem so simple, the main trick is that the preferred parts are not too narrow or oversize.

Miu Miu


Designers appeared on the catwalk with new and exciting ways to showcase underwear and nightwear in the fall 2020 season, showing that the line between underwear and outerwear will blur this season. Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Mugler have turned black see-through pieces popular in lingerie into outerwear. Saint Laurent appeared on the catwalk with a see-through lace bra over black latex pants.

Saint Laurent – Dolce Gabbana


No one can deny the difficulty of wearing tasseled pieces. So it can be assumed that something that is thrown around as you move is not a very good option for everyday wear. But as of last year, the tassels, which have been made useful and trending with all their charm, have also been adapted to designs that can better adapt to cold weather for the autumn/winter fashion trends 2020-2021.

Bottega Veneta

Through and Through Blacks

New York’s favorite color has never fallen off trend, so it’s not a comeback, it’s a reunion.

Alberta Ferretti –

Beige and Brown Shades

Bottega Veneta’s beige sequined long-sleeved column dress and Balmain’s chocolate coffee vinyl bodysuit… in the autumn/winter season 2020-2021, designers showed that they are concentrating entirely on innovative designs for the use of nude shades. From every shade of coffee and beige, designs covering the entire body were on display on the catwalk. The focus of these designs is to create an illusion that captures an entire skin effect without showing skin.

Bottega Veneta

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