This September, Pandora announced the release of the Pandora Moments charm bracelet concept on 20. he’s celebrating his year! 20 of the Charm and bracelet concept. for the year, the most popular Pandora designs around the world have been reinterpreted in the Pandora Icons Collection!

New jewelry was added to the collection, inspired by the pattern of 2 crimped chain bracelets and a crimped chain bracelet with a revamped on-off mechanism.

Pandora lovers immortalize memorable firsts of their lives, such as first home, first job or first long trip, with their wristbands and give clues about themselves with Pandora symbols. Unique design wristbands and Pandora O necklace tips from the Pandora Icons collection offer the opportunity to share unforgettable first memories and endless special moments with charms.

One of the highlights of the collection is the new Pandora Moments T Bar Chain Bracelet with a T-bar system in a curved chain pattern. The sparkling crown ring, on the other hand, creates a rich texture with a curved chain paired with pavé. The metals used in the design of pavé curvy chain pattern hoop earrings create a contrasting image with the glittering pavé. The sparkle of the open heart charm with a curved chain pattern attracts attention.

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