1.Step: Manicure And Rasp

Before applying permanent nail polish at home, you should clean your cuticles, rasp your nails as you wish. If you want, you can also perform a complete manicure procedure. Then you need to file your nail surface using the hard part of the polisher rasp. You have to file beautifully until your nails get a matte image

2.Step: Prep & Wipe

Then you can proceed to the process we call prep & wipe. For this, you need to wipe your nail surface beautifully using permanent nail polish remover wipes. These wipes will help you get rid of the fat left on your nail

3.Step: Base Coat

After getting your nails ready to apply permanent nail polish at home, you need to apply transparent gel called base coat. After applying the base coat in a thin layer, you should dry it for 30 seconds using a UV/LED lamp.

4.Step: Nail Polish

After applying base coat to all your nails and drying with the help of a lamp, you can apply the first layer of your permanent nail polish in a thin layer. After applying the nail polish, you should dry it again for at least 30 to 60 seconds with the help of a lamp. Then you can apply the second layer and dry it again with the help of a lamp.

5.Step: Top Coat

It’s time for the last step! You should apply a silvery, matte, glossy or normal top coat in a thin layer and dry it again with the help of a lamp. You should remember that the top coat you are going to use is a top coat made specifically for permanent nail polish.

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