How to make durable skin makeup?

The most important point of permanent skin makeup is to find Foundation or even foundation that is durable and long lasting.

Fix your makeup

One of the tricks of durable makeup is fixing makeup with see-through powder. Don’t skip this step so that skin makeup is permanent throughout the day. Using see-through powder ensures that the make-up on her perspiring skin does not dislodge, it does not smear her make-up when she wears a mask.

Permanent eye makeup

For non-flowing eye makeup, you need waterproof makeup.

Durable eyebrow

Use Makeup Fixing Spray

One of the most important steps of permanent makeup is to punctuate the makeup with Makeup Fixing Spray. Make-up Fixing Spray both refresh your skin in the summer heat and provide a natural matte finish to your makeup. So your skin doesn’t shine and doesn’t look greasy.

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