Vogue Runway for your high fashion fix

In this app, you can find every detail of both fashion shows and street style. The photos are very high quality and you can also see who took them. Maybe that way you’ll learn the lives and methods of photographers.Let’s say you want to see the details of the show for Chanel’s spring 2020 ready-to-wear fashion show. When you enter, you can see the collection, the review article, the details of both the show and the outfit, and finally all the seasons, including 1994.

FAD – Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

The dictionary is really important for students. You may need to refresh information and words that you instantly wonder about, or look at immediately while in class. Not only for students, but also for anyone who really wants to learn a lot of relevant and fashion information. This portable dictionary with 1,300 terms, ranging from designer biographies, fabric types and sewing information, is ideal.


“I come up with a lot of combo ideas, but I don’t have those parts, and I want to do a lot of combo.”if you say, this app is for you. If you’re a strict follower about these apps, you’ve had Polyvore before. Yeah, this app is old Polyvore, so it was later called Shoplook. Again, you are offered products of many brands, and according to what you want, you can use them and change them like stickers. It’s entirely up to your taste.


This app is like Shoplook again, but there are two differences. First, you can put clothes and accessories in the order that they set for you. Second, you can create your own profile according to women’s or men’s clothing. You can reach more than 30 online stores and more than 800 brands. These two similar apps will really boost your creativity.


You take a photo of the outfit in your closet, you can create categories at your own request, make your combinations and save them to the calendar. An app that is available for both men and women.

This last practice did remind me of this scene in the 1995 American teen comedy film Clueless.

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