Kate Austen – Lost

Although we quite like the character of Kate at the beginning of the series, it is unlikely to say the same thing in later seasons. Kate, who has always seen herself above the others, actually has a rather arrogant and selfish personality. And, in his best interest, he has a commute between Jack and Sawyer.

Allie Hamilton – The Notebook

get ready to look at one of the most popular dramas of the century, The Notebook, from a different angle! Allie’s absurd behavior has turned the relationship between the main characters into a toxic one. For example, her childish behavior, her cheating on her husband with a man she hasn’t seen in years… it’s hard to admire Allie when you think about all this.

Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

We know Shelton has a considerable fan base. But we have to accept that the character is quite selfish and rude. Especially what they did to Amy is unacceptable.

Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother

Robin knew that Ted’s biggest dream was to get married and have children. Despite this, knowing that their relationship would not go away, she was with Ted. He then decided to be with Barney, one of Ted’s closest friends. We know how painful this is for Ted. Of course, it doesn’t end here! Realizing that he likes Barney, Robin manipulates Barney, causing him to break up with Nora. Don’t you think it’s a little selfish?

Jack Shephard – Lost

At first glance, you might think Jack is one of the most positive characters. But really it’s not like that! Don’t you think Jack, who is the only doctor on the island and constantly pushes himself from danger to danger, is a little selfish? Moreover, he constantly wants to take on the role of leader and control things.


One of the most popular movies ever, Of course, is Titanic. This film, which tells a passionate love story, hides what a selfish person Rose is. Although we don’t forget Rose’s arrogant behavior at the beginning of the film, we can’t miss that she cheated on her fiance. In addition, experiments prove that two people can fit on this piece of wood. But Rose doesn’t even offer it to Jack.

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