Fully focused on the lips and cheeks, this makeup fills your eyebrows and Combs upwards. And you don’t have to apply it to your eyes. You can scan it very lightly with mascara one-time. Apply a red lipstick under your lips and feed the lipstick all over your lip. Then apply blush on your cheeks and near the tip of your nose to your lipstick.

If you want, you can also get a similar look with a single product by applying the same lipstick that you will get on the tip of your finger to your cheeks and nose in a light amount.


The main idea of this makeup is a healthy glow! Pull a thin eyeliner over your eyelids and comb your lashes with a small amount of mascara. Secure your eyebrows by also combing upwards.Apply a lipstick in Nude shades. Again, a pink blush and highlighter are the basis of this makeup. It is important that the illuminator that you will apply to your cheek and cheek bones creates a natural look using quite a small amount.


Especially if you have big lips, this makeup is for you! Do not forget to comb and fill your eyebrows in this makeup, where your tan skin and attractive lips will be in the foreground after summer. Frame your lips with a shade of dark lip pencil from the color of your lips, and then apply a balm just to make it look moist.


In this makeup that will be very suitable for your tan skin, you will need metallic blue or turquoise eye shadow. You should apply your eyeshadow to your eyelids so that they look like thick eyeliner. The appearance of eyeliner, rather than the intensity of a headlight, should be revealed.Don’t forget to apply plenty of mascara.


On the lips, we recommend choosing a creamy lipstick in brown tones that support your tan. You can color your cheeks with blush in peach tones, or get an even more stunning brunette with a bronzer.


Just because autumn is coming, we’re not going to give up the sun right now! Orange eyeshadow is the star of this makeup! The important point is to apply eyeshadow without using any shading. Place the temperature of Orange directly on your eyelids without effort. Then apply mascara to your lashes at the desired intensity.

On your lips, you can use a colored wax or liquid lipstick. A blush in peach tones is the final touch of this makeup.

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