1-Extraction (2020): 99 million views

Extraction focuses on several of the most talked about topics of the last period. Arms dealers, smugglers, drug dealers, kidnappers… The son of an Indian businessman is kidnapped and the mission to rescue him is given to a daredevil named Tyler Rake.

2 – Bird Box (2018): 89 million views

Five years after an unseen sinister presence drove much of society to suicide, a surviving woman and her two children are trying to reach safety.

3-Spenser Confidential( 2020): 85 million views

Spenser, a former cop and former inmate, teams up with fighter Hawk, promising to uncover an ominous plot linked to the deaths of two cops in Boston.

4-6 Underground (2019): 83 million views

A tech billionaire pretending to be dead sets up a group of international agents on an audacious and bloody mission to bring down a tyrannical dictator.

5 – Murder Mystery( 2019): 73 million views

A New York cop and his hairdresser wife, who are on their long-awaited European trip, are scrambling to solve a surprising murder committed on a billionaire’s yacht.

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