Gigi Hadid, who we can’t take our eyes off of her abdominal muscles, owes this change to a change in her workouts and, in fact, an easy eating program that everyone can fit into. Here are Gigi Hadid’s sports and diet secrets:


Sit-ups and squats can help you tighten up, but it’s also a fact that cardio is important for your abdominal muscles. ” My biggest thing is eating healthy and doing sports, “Hadid said, adding, ” I was a volleyball player for 12 years. I’ve been riding all my life, and now I box every day.”


A good sports program may not always be enough. It is also necessary to have a balanced diet. But you don’t have to bore yourself too much. Give yourself a fast food permit once a week. The most important thing here is that you balance between them.


This sport, where you can burn tons of calories, is also quite fun. “When you box, it feels good in spirit, you forget that you play sports. You always want more.”


He didn’t add Ballet Beautiful workouts to his boxing class at the famous Gotham Gym in New York City. Hadid’s daytime Ballet is beautiful, a kind of cardio made with ballet movements.


And the most effective way to get in shape? Keep a calendar and follow it! Hadid, who Rob Piela, the owner of Gotham Gym, said was “quite a hard worker, thanks to the exercise program calendar he keeps; he forces himself to follow the calendar instead of being lazy during the winter months.


Sure, working regularly and eating well is the key to a tight body, but ordering yourself a pizza or a cheeseburger one night isn’t the end of the world, according to Hadid. “The biggest thing I’ve always said is to eat healthy to stay fit and have a day of pampering to stay sane,” he adds.

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