Instagram’s New Trend Crystal Nails

If you like trying out brand new trends in the summer, you’ll love Crystal nails. You can make your own kolyca at home with this crystal stone-like manicure. Which color you choose when you make the Crystal nails is entirely up to you. Pick your favorite and start coloring your nails.

You can get help from sponges for the variegated nail look. First, cut a clean sponge into small pieces and paint the sponge with your chosen nail polish. You can then apply the sponge to your fingernail with a buffer motion to get the appearance of the crystal nail.

You can get a more natural crystal stone style thanks to the thin white lines you put through the middle of your nails. We recommend that you use vivid colors such as pink, blue, or green in summer.

You should always use a top coat to enhance the permanence of your manicure. Thanks to top coat nail polish, which increases the shine of nail polish and provides long lasting, your manicure will not be affected by the sea or the pool.

Which nails does the crystal nail polish trend go to? if you think, the trend of crystal nail polish on long, almond-shaped nails will look great! If you have a short nail structure, you can stretch your nails a little bit and try this trend. If you think long nails are a dream, you can get help with false nails.

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