The Queen’s Corgi

The story is of Queen II.It revolves around Elizabeth’s beloved dog. Rex, a corgi-bred dog, disappears outside the Queen’s Palace. Throwing himself onto the streets of London with the thought that you have to be strong to succeed, Rex tries to return home in a resentful manner. However, having never lived outside the palace before, Rex encounters dangers that will force him onto the streets of London. On this journey, Rex will learn more about the Secret Life of the city, communicate with other dogs, get to know himself more closely, and fall in love.


In this mystery and action-packed cartoon, Vladimir is an experienced spy who can solve even the most mysterious case. But he has a serious flaw; he loves freedom, so he can’t always adapt to his boss’s orders. Vladimir takes Hector (a rat) as his partner for a new investigation. Working with an intelligent, but dreamy partner, it’s unbearable for Vladimir (the cat)<. But in order to finish the investigation and catch the culprit as quickly as possible, Vladimir and Hector have to be a team.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family is a classic in the world of cinema. This family had many fans waiting for her to return to screens. In the end it was what they wanted; this unusual family seems quite strange to ordinary people but in fact they are not at all bizarre. And before their lives turned upside down, they lived happily in their remote home on the hill.

Wish Dragon

Based on the original story by Chris Applehans, the executive producer of this comedy animation is Jackie Chan. The story is very similar to Aladdin, but set in modern China. A child meets a dragon who can grant any wish. This is the beginning of a great friendship.


This cute animation is 17. the century is set in Ireland. In those years, where magic and superstition are very popular, believed to be demonic beings, Robyn and her father (who is a hunter) go after the last Wolf Pack. But then they meet a girl named Mebh who tells them the secrets of nature. So Robyn realizes that she shouldn’t have listened to her father’s initial advice.

The Willoughbys

This animated film, a U.S. and Canadian co-production, is based on Lois Lowry’s book. About 4 children, confident that it is better for them to grow up on their own rather than rely on their parents, decide to send them on holiday to get rid of their parents. But the siblings learn that living without parents with these decisions can also be a nightmare.

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