How to shape eyebrows at home?

First, you must determine what to use when shaping your eyebrows. Net or rope, the methods that professionals use are more accurate. This is because they affect larger areas, which can cause significant disfigurement in your eyebrows if you make a possible mistake. So the most accurate tool to use when buying eyebrows at home for you will be tweezers. Having the right tweezers is also quite important. If you choose professional sloping, blunt-tipped tweezers rather than curled tweezers, you can pluck your eyebrows from the root, without cutting them.

Let’s get to the contouring part: these days you can’t go to a Professional Eyebrow Designer and try a new brow shape on your own will be our biggest warning. Giving your eyebrows a straight or curved shape at home is a move you can’t risk.

First, start with the area between your two eyebrows. Remove the excess hairs from the root without touching the starting point of the eyebrows too much.

Now it’s the area between the eyebrow and the eyelid. This is one of the riskiest parts. Without getting into the shape of your brow, follow the end limit to remove the excess hairs with tweezers.

Take an eyebrow comb and scissors. Scan your eyebrows upwards. Shorten the length of the lengthened eyebrows without disturbing your normal brow boundary. Even this process alone will make your eyebrows more shaped and smooth.

Now get rid of the feathers above your eyebrows. At the last stage, eliminate the excess at the end of your brow.

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