(2010) Inception

IMDb: 8.7 – Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), who works at a respected software company, spends his nights breaking programs under the name “Neo” and researching The Matrix. After learning the truth that the world in which he lives is actually a simulation taking place in his brain, Neo is rescued and joins the team led by Morpheus. After taking his first breath in the real world, Neo re-enters the simulation to grasp what The Matrix is and to learn the reason for his recovery and to try to recognize his new identity within the framework of the unfolding events.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

IMDb: 8.5-years have passed since the incident in August 1997, which caused the death of over 3 billion people, and has reached the year 2029. John Connor is the leader of the human resistance against machines. The machines that failed to destroy him in 2029 decide to try to destroy his enemies in the past, which they can’t destroy now, and send a destroyer machine to the era when John was 10 years old. In turn, John then sends a higher model of the exterminator machine that was sent back to the past on a mission to kill his mother in order to protect himself.

(1979) Alien

IMDb: 8.4 – the crew of the cargo ship Nostromo, consisting of five men, two women and a cat, are asleep in their private cabins as they prepare to return to earth upon completing their mission. They are awakened when computers detect an alien species of life on a surrounding planet.

Metropolis (1927)

IMDb: 8.3-at a time when the age of industrialisation is making its impact, Lang’s future design takes its share. People are divided into two. The class that lives underground with the machines and the executive class that lives a more comfortable life above. Lang tries to reconcile the divided social structure, based on a love of man.

(1998) The Truman Show

IMDb: 8.1-people living on one of the most beautiful islands in the world lead an enviably utopian life. The people who live on this island wake up happy every day and end the day without any problems. In the following days, Truman will realize that something is not right, he will try to figure out if the life he has is real.

The Man from Earth (2007)

IMDb: 7.9-after John Oldman, a history professor at the University, suddenly decided to quit his job and move elsewhere, his colleagues gather at his home to find out the reason behind this. The reason he sets out for this early retirement shocks everyone: it is necessary to move because John is both ageless and, therefore, immortal. He is a caveman and has been alive for about 14,000 years…

 (2009) Moon

IMDb: 7.9 – astronaut Sam Bell is a Lunar Industries employee.It has operated on the moon alone for three years and is responsible for removing the Earth’s primary energy source and transmitting it to the Earth.A difficult time awaits Sam, who is doomed to loneliness and loses all communication with the outside world due to the loss of his satellite connection.

Avatar (2009)

IMDb: 7.8-in the near future there is a newly discovered planet called Pandora. There are plenty of elements on this planet that are very rare on earth but very valuable. But the problem is that the owners and nature of this planet are not the kind to allow mining. The biggest threat is creatures called Na’vi, their 3-foot race.

(2009) Mr. Nobody

IMDb: 7.9-the Mr. Nobody mentioned in the headline is a 117-year-old man named Némo, who was the last mortal to remain on earth in 2092. On his deathbed, Némo remembers standing on a platform when he was a young boy. The train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father? This decision will lead to an infinite number of possibilities… And so many planets, two deaths and women to love….

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