Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

Behind the scenes of the Coachella festival in 2018, Beyonce’s World Star, includes details such as the preparation process for the festival. This musical is also the subject of black universities in American history. This documentary about Beyonce’s legendary performance was prepared with a team of 150 people in a period of 8 months.

Michael Jackson: This is It

This documentary, which sheds light on Michael Jackson’s final days, concert rehearsals and much more on him, is among the best music documentaries ever dubbed The King of pop. The documentary, which features sections from Jackson’s life, which has millions of fans around the world, will deeply affect you.


Woodstock, which won the best music festival ever, took place on August 15 – 18, 1969 at a dairy in Bethel, near New York City. About 80 thousand hippies participated in the festival, known as the hippie festival. This documentary about Woodstock, which is still cited as the best music festival, was filmed by Michael Wedleigh and won an Oscar in 1970.

What We Started?

This documentary discusses the emergence of electronic dance music and its spread around the world, and features the views of some of the most important names in the electronic music market, such as Carl Cox and Martin Garrix.

 Tupac: Resurrection

“Tupac: Resurrection, “nominated for Best Documentary at the Oscars, reveals the Sensational Life of Tupac Shakur, one of the most important figures in the Hip-hop world. In the documentary, which is marked by stunning images, we watch legendary rapper Tupac recount his life in his own words. On the other hand, the documentary also includes footage of Tupac’s previously unreleased concert and lyrics from his diary. The soundtrack was produced by Stevie Wonder, Eminem and Elton John.

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