Queen – Wembley ’86

 Michael Jackson – Bucharest ’92

A concert by Michael Jackson, King of Pop music, in Bucharest as part of his Dangerous Tour. A DVD of the concert was also released on July 25, 2005, which sold 950,000 copies worldwide.

Jean Michel Jarre – Moscow ’97

One of the most important representatives of electronic music, Synthpop and New Age Music, Jean Michel Jarre’s concert in Moscow since 1997 was attended by 3.5 million people and was one of the most crowded concerts in the world.

Metallica – Moscow ’91

Metallica, one of the most important representatives of Metal music today and in the past, attended the legendary concert in Moscow in 1991 by 1,600,000 people. You can also see uniformed soldiers doing headbang at the concert.

Jimi Hendrix – Miami ’68

 Bob Marley – Santa Barbara ’79

Bob Marley’s 1979 concert in Santa Barbara was one of the first concerts in the history of music in golden letters.

Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera – VMA ’03

AC/DC – Munich ’01

Bon Jovi – New York ’08

Pink Floyd – One Of These Days (Live At Pompeii) 1972

It is one of the most impressive and bizarre concerts ever performed by another legendary band, Pink Floyd. There’s not a single ticketed audience with a chance to watch the concert. The number of viewers without tickets is around zero. They played and listened to the most important instruments of the period in a magnificent atmosphere.

The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down (London) ’69

What if the world’s most famous band were to perform their last live performance in a loft in London? Of course it’s a stampede! I don’t know where it came from, but considering it was the band’s last concert together, they probably wanted something to remember. This performance, which marked the year 1969, caused a traffic lockdown and stampede in the area in a very short period of time and ended with police raiding the roof exactly 42 minutes after it started.

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