Angel of Mine, 2019

The Australian version of the 2008 French film L’empreinte de l’ange in which the main character Lizzie lost her newborn daughter a few years earlier. Even if he does his best to deal with his pain, he can’t succeed. He breaks up with his wife and turns into an introvert. But he meets 7-year-old Lola and begins to see her as the lived and grown-up version of his daughter. From this moment on, the tension increases in the film because Lizzie will never lose her daughter again. IMDb rating — 6.5

 Swallow, 2019

Everything is great in Hunter’s life. He has friends, a wealthy and loving wife. He also feels pretty good as the owner of a big house. All she wants is a baby. Hunter eventually becomes pregnant, but quite disturbing things begin to happen. He becomes obsessed with swallowing things that cannot be eaten. No one can help him. It’s like a dark force is controlling him now. IMDb rating — 6.3

 A Quiet Place 2, 2020

It’s not just a story of post-apocalyptic survival, it’s also a pretty deep thriller. The Abbott family we watch in the first film continues to strive for their lives. Let’s remember: the world is full of sound-sensitive scary monsters, so the family creates a sign language to understand and communicate with each other. But we know it’s hard to keep children quiet. So the monsters find the place of the family. In the new film, the family has to travel elsewhere and struggle with the different fears of the world.

The Mustang, 2019

Roman Coleman becomes a participant in a program about training wild horses called Mustangs. At first he only cleans up the mess of the horses, then he starts training them. Everything is fine until you meet the world’s most violent and aggressive Mustang, whose education is impossible. Roman is used to solving everything through violence, but he sees that this horse has absolutely no fear. Therefore, it is seen that the way to approach the horse is through training the monster inside Roman. It’s a pretty serious film about solving your inner problems by communicating with animals. IMDb rating — 6.9

Gone, 2012

In this film, starring Amanda Seyfried, the main character Jill is kidnapped by a serial killer several years ago. Jill manages to escape, but the kidnapper and the place where she was held when she was kidnapped are never found. His life returns to normal after a while and he begins to feel better. Just as everything is going well, the nightmare returns and Jill finds out that her sister has been kidnapped. Police are confident the girl is not really missing and will return soon. But Jill has no choice but to search for her brother and the kidnapper on her own. IMDb rating-5.9

Sorry We Missed You, 2019

This film is a pretty good drama about everyday struggles. The Film is similar to the Black Mirror style. The story develops around the Turner family. While marriage, children, love and harmony are quite perfect, at a time the financial crisis begins and the family’s debts begin to endure day by day. Father Ricky sells his wife’s car and buys a caravan. He sets up his own business. He thinks if he works hard, everything will be fine, but life has other plans. Everything goes from bad to worse. The family falls apart and Ricky must take a step to save his family this time as well. IMDb rating — 7.6

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