What you need to consider while doing sports at home_?

Create a plan that will allow you to move 3-4 days a week your daily : Exercise time should not exceed 1 hour. Don’t think I don’t have any equipment at home. Chairs, pillows, water or detergent bottles can be nice equipment. If you’re just getting started, focus on simpler movements you can do first, and on isolated movements instead of movements that run many novices.Check your pulse rate

Make sure you check your pulse. If you do not have a pulse meter or equipment, find your wrist pulse and count for 10 seconds and multiply by 6. Gasping may not always mean that you are training very well, it may take some time for the cardiovascular system to strengthen. Don’t get too far out of safe waters with a pulse. Take care of your fluid intake. Most importantly, rest well and eat properly.

Regular exercise provides many benefits, other than that you can control your weight. If you exercise regularly, you will definitely feel happier and better, your stress level will drop. The biggest benefit of regular exercise these days is strengthening your immune system.

Get your own fitness level right: It benefits you to get your own fitness level and your history, your body’s real needs and interests right when exercising at home. Always follow a path from easy to difficult, from simple to complex. You can make yourself a weekly fitness movement plan at home.

Don’t exercise too much or too much: We have a long stay at home right now. For this reason, there is an incredible increase in the level of people exercising. It sounds great, but the point to note is that most people tend to overdo it when exercising at home. Excessive or inadequate exercise may not be good for your health, and your immune system is affected by this imbalance as well as physical distress. The way to achieve the best results in all aspects of life is to be balanced.

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