5 Weight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Burpee movement: Burpee tries to run the whole body. If you add a burpee when you’re doing push-ups while you’re on the ground, you’ll see the maximum effect. He’s showing strength, strength and cardio. Move from Burpee-making squat to plank, then back to squat and stand up.

Push-ups: Helps to strengthen your upper body. It runs your Core area and the bottom of your back. If you stretch your legs during push-ups, you balance with your hands and feet. Try to stay straight and steady from head to toe. Take deep breaths as you slowly bend your elbows and make sure it reaches a 90-degree angle. Exhale as you rise up and take your starting position. If you have difficulty doing push-ups in this way, you can also do it by putting your knees on the ground.

Lunge: Lunge movement strengthens the lower body and is ideal for fat burning. Standing stand upright. Take a step forward. Both feet face the other way. Squat with your left leg until your knee touches the ground. Then stand up and repeat this movement on the other leg.

Squat: Lower your shoulders while you Squat. Squat down, like you’re sitting on a chair. Keep as low as you can. Make sure your knee doesn’t cross the footline.

Hip Raise: lie on your back. Two feet on the ground, body steady. Lower and lift your hips. Try to stay still for five seconds while you’re up there.

Try doing this program 12 times in three sets.

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