Soft fruits (Mulberry, blackberry, blueberry etc. – If you’re not ready for a heavy meal, it’s a great option to consume along with yogurt. Strawberry-type fruits are not only full of antioxidants; they are also rich in fiber and are ideal for keeping you full for longer.

Hummus – So many grains are delicious and healthy, but who wants to deal with the shells separately? That’s why we have hummus. Don’t forget to put sunflower seeds in it, it contains a lot of vitamin E.

Tomato – Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which helps keep skin tight by increasing collagen production. The red pigment called lycopene in tomatoes is said to protect your skin from sun damage but also has a delicious anti-aging bonus!

Black cabbage – This vegetable has many antioxidants that detoxify your body from the inside. Add to your favorite smoothie or consume with yogurt.

Honey – Pure honey contains 5 different enzymes, 6 different vitamins, 8 separating lipids, 12 minerals, 17 elements, 18 amino acids (proteins) and more. This means the necessary internal and external support for your skin!

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