The Carrie Diaries

Season Number 2 of this series aired in 2013. Sex and the City fans will be very interested in this series of Sex and the city ‘ s lead character Carrie Bradshaw’nin high school. These years, when Carrie gets to know love, it’s going to be a lot of fun for you.


And Atypical is among Netflix’s best youth series. The IMDB rating of this series is 8.3. The subject of this youth series, which will warm you up from the very first moment, is this: a boy named Sam with autism decides to break his own taboos and become more extroverted. Which means that our character goes on a lot of adventures. What do you think of us watching this adventure? Lots of laughter and a little tears. But Atypical is definitely one of the series you won’t regret watching.


We follow the vengeful story of Patty, who is bullied in Insatiable, a highly entertaining series, and how will Patty get revenge? You can watch Insatiable on Netflix if you want to partner in Patty’s adventure, which has gone into a big change.


One of Netflix’s most ambitious productions, Quicksand, is a Swedish-made series. The series focuses on Maja, who is accused of the school attack. So did Maja really bust into school and kill her friends? If you are curious about the answer to this question, we recommend that you watch quicksand.

Sex Education

Sex Education is one of the most talked about series since it aired. The series mainly focuses on the sex lives and societal issues of high school students. It is quite fun, but if you haven’t seen this series yet, it’s definitely a chance to give it a chance.


Set in a town called Riverdale and focusing on the lives of a group of young people, the series follows many different themes, from drama to sexuality. One of the most popular series of the last period, Riverdale is also one of Netflix’s featured productions.


This 2007 series, which had 7 seasons, is a departure from other youth series as of its subject. Because this series contains the problems experienced by the younger generation, but which cannot be expressed. In Skins, a British youth series, each season tells of the high school adventures of a different generation. Skins was also the winner of the Best Audience Award at the BAFTA Awards.

13 Reasons Why

Shown among Netflix’s most successful productions, 13 Reasons Why focuses on the lives of young people, but this series is more about the challenges they experience than the entertaining life of young people. 13 Reasons Why describes the aftermath of the suicide of a girl named Hannah Baker, who was bullied and therefore committed suicide in high school. With 13 different tapes, Hannah’s story about who caused her suicide can shake you deeply. It is also suggested that especially melancholic people should not watch this series. The series ‘ screenwriters include the famous singer Selena Gomez. The number of seasons the series has aired so far is 3.

The Vampire Diaries

This series, which ran for 8 seasons, is the Vampire Diaries L. J. was adapted from the book series of the same name. The series is about the life of a seventeen-year-old Elana, who lost her family in a car accident four months earlier. Elana’s life is colored by the arrival of the vampire Stefan in town. However, the events doesn’t stop there.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is definitely a classic among youth series. This series, which began airing in 2007, continued for a full 6 seasons. Gossip Girl is about a bunch of rich liseli and their lives. But a person you identify as Gossip Girl is revealing the secrets of all young people. Mystery, drama and romance in the climax of this series must watch.

 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Season 2 of the series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, adapted from Archie Comics ‘ comic book series of the same name, has been published so far. Sabrina, a half-human half-witch, is 16. as her birthday approaches, she will have to choose between the Witch World of her family and the mortal world of her friends, and she will have to make a deal with the devil in order to become a full witch. It’s very immersive, and it’s going to draw you in from the very first moment you watch the show.


Elite is among the most popular youth series of the last period. The series is about the enrollment of 3 middle-class young people in a private school in Spain and their communication with the students there. The conflict between these students and students in the private school leads to a murder, and things get even more complicated.

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