How to cut fringe at home?

1-First, wash your hair to be clean and fit the model full, to adjust the length of your hair to the ideal way to dry. Comb your bangs or rivets in the same way you are shaping that model.
2-Then divide your bangs into three sections, right-left and right.
3-Start the cut first in the middle. Lay the hair straight using your comb and determine the length you want to cut with your fingers. Then make the cut so that it leaves some correction margin for the length you set with the scissors.
4-Then cut the right and left sections with the same technique, taking into account your hair length ratio in the middle part. You’ve completed the main cutting. Now for the finishing touches. To make the cut look more natural than a ribbon, use small cutting strokes from different angles with the tip of your scissors to your bangs/rivets. By keeping your scissors upright, you can thin your bangs even more.

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