Does rihanna want to have children?

World-famous singer Rihanna also spoke about how many children she wants as she made remarks about her future plans. Rihanna, a beautiful and successful singer who has made many news about her private life, managed to be on the agenda again with her remarks.

Does rihanna want to have children?

Rihanna, who parted ways with her Saudi billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel in January, made candid remarks about her private life. Singer Rihanna, 32, has spoken of wanting to have 4 children in 10 years. Stressing that she wanted to have children without caring whether she was married or not, Rihanna said: “Can I do this on my own? Of course yes!”he added another one to his ambitious words. Describing love as the most basic element of being a parent, Rihanna said: “I feel like society thinks I’m on the wrong track. If you don’t have a father in your child’s life, they light you up as a mother,” he said.

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