Emilia Clarke corona virus fight!

A surprising donation came from Emilia Clarke, who gave life to the popular character of the world-famous series Game of Thrones, “Deanerys Targanyen”. Because of the Corona virus epidemic, celebrities and the rich continue to launch aid campaigns, and the beautiful and successful actress Emilia Clarke did not remain silent and started struggling. The details of his donation in the fight against the Corona virus were quite interesting and surprising.

Emilia Clarke corona virus fight!

Emilia Clarke’s donation statement was closely related to her fans. Emilia Clarke called for “reaching 250 thousand pounds together” and emphasized: “I will cook for 12 people who will be chosen randomly from donors and we will talk about funny videos from isolation.” He also said that the meeting will be a lot of fun. Also, the beautiful actress showed an exemplary behavior for everyone. Corona announced that the fund opened to provide basic support to patients with stroke and brain damage due to the virus will also help to evacuate the hospital beds needed to deal with the epidemic, to look after those who need an area to heal.

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