The Platform Is The Subject Of The Film

The Platform runs through a vertically positioned prison. In the prison, where there are two inmates in each cell, food is sent down from the top floor only once a day. The inmates upstairs struggle to reach food, while the inmates downstairs try to cope with hunger by getting a little more ferocious each day. One day his eye was on prison’s 33rd. opening up on the floor, Goreng embarks on a tough fight to reach food with Trimagasi, who knows the rules of the prison well.

Should I Watch The Platform Movie?

These days, when the whole world is quarantined because of coronavirus, we’re discovering beautiful movies on Netflix. If you like these movies and you like the sci-fi, horror-thriller genre, you should definitely watch the platform. In 1 and a half hours, the film, which clearly describes the world order and reveals that the worst thing that can happen to a person is other people, starts out great, makes the audience wonder, but unfortunately the end is not well connected.
In the meantime, we need a warning! If you think a claustrophobic, dark and moody film in the pandemic era won’t do your psychology any good, please stay away.

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