High School Musical

Troy (Zac Efron), the handsome and popular captain of the school basketball team, and the beautiful and yet intelligent member of the science club, Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens), participate in the auditions of the school musical, breaking all the rules of the usual order. While pursuing their dreams, they teach everyone around them the importance of teamwork and treating them as they are. And they do all this with very cool melodies and dances!

Camp Rock

The story takes place in a favorite summer workshop called Camp Rock, which started the music career of many names … Enthusiastic young Mitchie Torres is also eager to be part of this camp. The start of her mother as a cook at the camp makes the dream of the young girl a reality. Mitchie will be able to attend the camp while helping her mother in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Shane Gray, the lead singer of Connect 3, whose concert tour is canceled, is convinced by his group friends to return to the camp to rediscover his passion for music. While Shane is not particularly happy with the situation, he gradually begins to be inspired by the campers’ enthusiasm for music. When he hears a voice that deeply affects him with the song he sings but cannot see his face, our hero will start looking for the owner of this beautiful voice.

Star Struck

An adventurous journey begins in Los Angeles when an ordinary girl named Jessica collides with the famous young star Christopher Wilde one day. While Jessica doesn’t like this star at first, she realizes that she actually loves her while escaping from the paparazzi. But when Christopher denies their relationship during an interview, problems arise between the two.

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

Sharpay is discovered by a star hunter after his performance with his dog Boi. A new star begins to emerge under the bright lights of New York…

Geek Charming

Dylan Schoenfield, who is very popular at a school in the state of Los Angeles, has a lot of things that most people don’t want to access. He has a handsome boyfriend, popular friends known to him, and a new bag that everyone looks enviously. But one day, as a result of the accident, Serge Sanchez drops the famous bag, the chain of funny events begins.

Princess Protection Program

A novice princess who needs help and a girl trying to help her. Two young stars of Disney Channel, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, are starring in the same movie this time.

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