Nightcrawler – IMDb 7.9

Lou Bloom is a young, ambitious man who pursues a career. In life, ” every path to purpose is permissible!”adopting the idea, this ambitious man begins to record crime events in the city at night with full clarity on his camera. On top of that, it won’t be long before he gets a job as a night reporter at one of the city’s leading television stations. But there are obstacles in this path that he is fighting for.

Whiplash – IMDb 8.5

Perhaps one of the most impressive of our list of Film proposals is Whiplash, the subject of a young musician’s life. Andrew, who started playing drums from an early age, wants to be a master at this business. The university also favours the Shcarffer Conservatory, which it considers to be the best music school in the country. He’s only 19 years old, but he works hard. One day, he gets the attention of one of the school’s toughest teachers, the jazz teacher Terence Fletcher. Fletcher accepts Andrew into the “studio band”, where the school’s brightest students are selected and constantly prepared for new competitions. Fletcher, who has a reputation for his ruthlessness as well as his success, forces Andrew to use his capacity to the fullest. The young drummer now has a psychological exam, not just a professional one.

 Gone Girl – IMDb 8.1

Gone Girl is the subject of the story of a man who is blamed for the sudden disappearance of his wife. On a hot summer morning, Nick and Amy prepare to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their marriage. However, Amy suddenly disappears that day. After being unable to hear from Amy for a long time, the police begin to suspect Nick of the young woman’s disappearance. In the midst of all this chaos, Nick has no idea what happened to Amy. Even though Nick insists he’s innocent, he can’t completely dispel his suspicions. No one knows if Amy is alive.

The One I Love – IMDb 7.1

To those looking for a movie proposal in the love category… Ethan and Sophie have been a married couple for some time. But like every couple, there are various problems in their lives and these problems have made their marriage difficult. At a time when they are trying to find solutions to save their marriage, which is almost ending, they decide to take a weekend break at the suggestion of their marriage therapist. Deciding to spend time with each other, the couple plan to spend their weekends in a quiet country house in nature. But the couple find themselves unaware that a greater contradiction is expected in these getaways, which began beautifully.

Guardians of the Galaxy – IMDb 8

Guardians of the Galaxy is the story of a group of criminals who try to stop those trying to take control of the universe. Peter Quill, who nicknamed him the Star-Lord nickname, gets in trouble with Ronan, an evil man when he steals an unusual sphere. Ronan’s only purpose is to conquer the sphere and this dream threatens the entire universe. While Quill wants to get rid of Ronan, he suddenly finds himself in an incompatible team, and is forced to cooperate with Rocket, an armed raccoon, Tree Groot, the companion of the Rocket, Gamora, the deadly green woman, and Destroyer Drax, who is obsessed with revenge. What will these five, known as Guardians of the Galaxy, do against the power and enemies of this sphere that are dangerous for the universe? If you are wondering the answer to this question, you should add Guardians of the Galaxy to your list as soon as possible!

The Boxtrolls – IMDb 6.8

The movie takes place in Peynirkent, one of the rich towns of the Victorian era. The legend that the city’s inhabitants believe is the main subject of the movie. According to the legend, the Box Dwarves, who live under the sidewalks, go out at night and steal children and valuable cheeses. However, contrary to popular belief, Box Dwarves; They are communities that carry their homes from recycled cardboard on their backs, living in large caves, and raised an orphaned child named Eggs as a collector. One day Archibald Snatcher, who is famous for killing insects, goes after them. Now all Peynirkent needs Box Dwarves. You will love this immersive film that you can watch as a family!

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