1. Picking up your hair strained and tight

In recent years, rather often preferred tight and tight hairstyles, unfortunately causes hair to be lubricated more quickly. This type of hair is often preferred, sebum accumulation in the hair roots therefore leads to a greasy appearance. In addition, products such as hair spray used to fix these types of models can cause your hair to become greasy faster than normal. If you are complaining about fast lubricating hair, you have to say goodbye to tight and tight hairstyles!

2. Not paying attention to water temperature

While hot water is great for opening and clearing pores, it can damage your hair. Hot water, which cleans all sebum in the hair, dries the scalp and invites dandruff problem. Your hair produces more oil to combat this condition, so it lubricates much faster. If you are complaining about fast lubricating hair, you can try washing your hair with warm water and rinsing it with cold water.

3. Improper use of hair care products

Choosing the right products for your hair type is much more important than you think. If you have a thin and oily hair type, using “protective” or “moisturizing” products can cause your hair to become greasy much faster. This type of product is heavy and creamy in nature; it weighs your hair, even can cause a sticky appearance. You may prefer products for oily hair instead of these products, you can use deep cleansing shampoos several times a month.

4.Do not comb her hair often or touch her hair often

When you touch your hair, you get bacteria and oil on your hands, which causes your hair to become greasy much more quickly. In addition, continuous combing of hair leads to the spread of sebum found at the bottom of the hair, thus causing a greasy and dull appearance. If you touch your hair often, you should give up this habit as soon as possible. In addition, you should take care not to comb your hair more than twice a day and clean your comb regularly.

5.Having an intense and stressful life

When we’re stressed, our bodies produce cortisol. This condition causes our skin to produce more sebum, and therefore to be lubricated more quickly. In addition, stress invites dandruff problems. If you have an intense and stressful life, it’s time to change your routine! The tiny meditation breaks you can add to your daily routine will be far more beneficial to both your physical and mental health than you think.

6. Washing your hair too much

Although it is quite interesting, washing your hair often can cause it to become greasy more quickly. Experts explain this as follows: when we wash our hair frequently, we also eliminate the beneficial bacteria that regulate the pH level of our skin. In this case, the skin produces more sebum to find its ideal balance; therefore, the hair is lubricated much faster than normal. If you wash your hair often, it is possible to reduce this number over time. Thus, your hair will gradually get used to this order, much slower than before will be lubricated.

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