Inside Bill’s Brain

In this mini-series, you will have a journey into the brain of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, one of the richest people in the world.
*Suitable for audiences 16 and older (includes Argo)
*Science and nature documentary
*Documentary on nature and ecology
*Biographical documentary

The Mars Generation

This film, which lasts 1 hour and 37 minutes, is set in Space Camp. While ‘space nerds’ at Space Camp believe that one day travel to Mars will be possible and pursue their dreams, experts are talking about NASA’s past and future.
*Suitable for audiences aged 13 and over
*Science and nature documentary
*Child and family themed

If I Were an Animal

Emma and older brother, two curious children, observe the vital milestones that different animals go through in the process from birth to adulthood.
*Suitable for an audience of 7 years and older
*Science and nature documentary
*Nature and ecology themed

 Beat Bugs

This cartoon, which all music-loving children will love, gives beautiful messages in every episode. If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll love this series at least as much as your child-perhaps more.
-Suitable for general audience
-Makes you feel good
-Music for children

The Magic School Bus

The first part of this animation, which is a USA-Canada co-production, was published in 1994. We think that the feature of this animation, which is still very popular, is being able to make love to 2 different generations.
‘How about joining Miss Frizlle while traveling into the magic school bus, space, under the sea, an anthill and even inside the human body?’
*Suitable for general audience
*Book adaptation

 Peppa Pig

If you want your child to be familiar with the British accent, we recommend that you watch this animation in its original language.
-Suitable for general audience
-Animal tales

 Llama Llama

Loved children’s book character Lama Lama; family comes to life with this heartwarming series about friendship and learning new things.
*Suitable for general audience
*Feels good
*Adaptation from the book

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